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Re: why use ALSA?

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On Saturday 17 August 2002 3:34 am, Bill Moseley wrote:
> So my question is why (or when) would I need to install ALSA?  Is there an

ALSA is considered to be the future of sound card support on Linux. It was 
meant to be merged into kernel 2.3 ready to be stable in 2.4 although that 
didn't happen; however it _has_ been merged into 2.5 so should be stable in 

> advantage of using it in my case when sound seems to be working fine?

No necessarily. I used ALSA on SuSE 7.3 because it was the default system 
there and set up my (ancient) ISA Awe 64 without fuss. I used it initally on 
Debian because I couldn't be bother to remember how to get OSS/Free working. 
Unfortunately I had various problems with Quake engine games (the sound in 
Quake 2 was useless, and there was annoying noises when starting up Return to 
Castle Wolfenstein), and then when I tried using ALSA 1.0 rather than 
0.5.something the thing refused to work due to undefined symbols.

I went back to OSS/Free. After a bit of messing in /etc/modulels.conf my sound 
card works perfectly.

My advice: if it works, don't touch it ;)

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