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Re: i1452 & DVDs: not so bad!

It was from source.

I didn't take any notes because the README described everything pretty
well.  The only two things that weren't totally obvious were to install
the Xv-enabled neomagic driver (referenced from DOCS/video.html in the
mplayer sources -- just copy it over the existing driver) and to put
"hdparm -c1 -d1 -u1 /dev/hdc" in /etc/init.d/hwtools.

On Fri, 2002-08-16 at 19:37, Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 07:32 PM 08/16/02 -0700, Scott Bronson wrote:
> >So, last night, on a whim, I tried mplayer.  After tweaking it a bit
> >
> >   mplayer -dvd 1 -ao sdl -vo xv -forcexv -dr -quiet -framedrop
> Hi Scott,
> Did you install mplayer from debs some place?  Last time I installed from
> source, but that was a while back.  Do you have installation notes?
> -- 
> Bill Moseley
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