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Re: Sound toshiba satelite pro 4300

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 10:15:15PM +0200, Patrick Sannes wrote:
> Hi there,

> I have a question, I installed the kernel 2.4.18 from debian source with
> the alsa source and the pcmcia source. Now I do have soundsupport under
> my gnome2 desktop. XMMS, menu-klik-sounds etc. are there. But the sound
> under Tuxracer is not working. It is saying that there is no available
> sound device. Any one have a clue?
Check, whether you have esd running. Maybe xmms is using it, so you can hear
sound , and tuxracer doesn't....
just type ps -e|grep esd and check

> Patrick

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