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Re: suspend to disk on compaq 1200

On Fri, 2002-08-16 at 02:16, Christian Lyra wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	No more windows on this machine.... so anyone know how to do suspend to disk 
> on this machine? I did a new "suspend" partition with lphdisk, but maybe 
> missing something because I'm not getting suspend to work right. I tried with 
> a ACPI kernel and with a APM enabled kernel without success. What's the trick?
> 	TIA,
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Hi Do Ho!

The software suspend patch works perfectly for me running a home made
2.4.18 APM and without ACPI on a noname (FIC) 366mhz Celeron laptop
running Mandrake 8.2 although it should really be hardware and
distribution independent. the suspend and resume is really fast (i guess
it uses udma transfer mode as oposed to the bios suspend).

only conditions: if you suspend while you lots of big processes running
you should have at least 30 % more swap than RAM. or have a look at
memory usage before suspending as strange things can happen if the
memory doesn´t fit into the swap space. but generally swsusp cleans up
buffers and cache RAM quite nicely so that it should usually fit.

onl problem with X is that you have to restart gpm after suspend (or
first stop it and then start after resuming) or your system will just
freeze if you start or reenter the X window system. dunno why.

also swsusp doesn´t work properly from within x put that can easily be
worked around with a simply suspend script: chvt 1, then stop gpm then
suspend and then start gpm and chvt 7.

works for me.

greetings benny

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