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Re: Line scrolling problem on Toshiba 1405

On Sun, 11 Aug 2002, Charles Blair wrote:

>    I have gotten through the first few steps of installing version 3.0
> on a Toshiba 1405 laptop, including creating a password and logging on.
>    The problem is that only a small part of my monitor screen is
> being used for the (character-based) display, and the lowest
> visible line is not the last line of standard output.  For example
> if the file qq is 25 lines long, and I type cat qq, I only see
> the first 21 lines.  Pressing return shows me the remaining lines,
> one at a time.

I recently bought a Toshiba Portege 3010CT and noticed also that (in
text-mode) there are approx. one inch wide black borders around the
screen. However the BIOS has a "display stretch" -option which fills the
entire display. You can access the BIOS (at least in 3010CT) by holding
ESC while turning the system on. And don't forget to try different
screen modes with the svgatextmode -package.

You might also want to try toshset and toshutils -packages, which allow
changing some system settings without restarting the computer or entering
the BIOS. "The Toshiba Linux Utilities" -website could also be useful:

Hope this was useful

	- Juho Vesanen

Juho Vesanen / Ikonia.		tel 045-6778775
http://www.ikonia.fi/~juho	mail juho@ikonia.fi

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