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Toshiba Portégé 3010CT

Hello ALL!

I am trying to install Debian 3.0 on a Toshiba Portégé 3010CT, but
I have no floppies or CD-ROM in this machine (it is 2nd-handed).

I've copied disks-i386/current into the Windows partition and I've managed to
resize partitions with Partition Magic. Now, when I run loadlin (install.bat)
it gives me a Kernel Panic (<some data about FAT> and Unable to mount root on
01:00) and stop. It happens with every bf flavor except bf2.4 (which is not
supported by loadlin and halt a lot before loading the kernel).

Does anyone have any ideas? I've managed to create an ext2 partition (don't
ask me how!). The only access I have is through it's network connection under
Windows. I can transfer anything to the FAT partition (and then copy it with
explore2fs to the ext2 partition - that's not safe, though, according to the
explore2fs homepage).

I've run out of ideas... *please* anyone?



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