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install drivers hamr 5600 modem in woody


            Has Somebody experience in installing drivers for the hamr 5600 modem, I tried compile them (version slmdm-2.6.16) but appeared the following error message:


GCC - Wall - O3 - fomit-frame-pointer - D__KERNEL __ - DMODULE - DEXPORT_SYMTAB - I. - I/usr/src/linux/include - DMODVERSIONS -- include/usr/src/linux/include/linux/modversions.h - amrmo_init.o - c amrmo_init.c cpp0: In such file or directory make: *** [ amrmo_init.o ] Error 1



I have installed the kernel sources whith that path and i searched by the file “modversiond.h” but I not finded it.

Reply will be tankfull.



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