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Changing Internet connection?


I am afraid that this if fairly frequent question, but I cannot find an
answer. I will use Debian (3.0 stable woody) on my laptop (Compaq Presario
1200) both at home and in the school. I use at home ppp dial-up for the
Internet connection and I would like to use fat university cable when at the
school. Is there any way how to automagically switch following items or I
have to make a script doing these things ``manually''?

- route add default IP-address
- changing nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf
- changing smart server in /etc/mail/sendmail.mc, generating sendmail.cf and
  restarting sendmail daemon
- changing /etc/hosts.{allow,reject}
- (something more, I have forgotten?)

I would like some simple way (if possible, no additional daemons; I guess
dhcpd is able to do most things I would like to get, but I really do not
want to configure yet another server) how to do it -- hopefully simpler than
that bash script doing these things ``manually''.

Thanks for any thoughts

Matej Cepl

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