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Re: Blurry screen with X 4.2.0

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	This sounds like the same problem that's been cropping up with other
laptop users lately.
	A laptop LCD, unlike a conventional CRT (desktop) display, is basically a
fixed resolution device. For example, my laptop's 14.1" display has a
resolution of exactly 1024x768. If I use a smaller resolution, I get
either a black border or, if 'screen stretch' is turned on in the BIOS,
a blurry image as the video BIOS tries to stretch 800x600 to fit into

	So for best results, I would recommend setting your display resolution to
whatever your panel resolution is. Failing that, check your BIOS
settings to see if there's some option to stretch the display.

- -Mike

Tiarnan O Corrain wrote:
| Hi all--
| I just set my laptop up with sid and unofficial X 4.2.0 debs. The
| computer is a HP Omnibook 6100 with a 15-inch screen. I tried the VESA
| driver first, and it acted as if it was on a 14-inch screen. Perfectly
| visible and crisp display, just an annoying black border of dark
| pixels.
| So I upgraded to X4.2, using the ATI driver (the card is a ATI
| Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M6 LY). The border problem is gone
| (ie it uses the whole of the screen), but the display is very
| blurry. I tried setting up sub-pixel sampling (in XftConfig), but
| couldn't notice any difference.
| It feels like the sort of problem that can be solved with a tweak to a
| single config file.
| Does anyone know what that tweak is? :-)

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