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Re: SVGA XServer vs framebuffer + X_FBDEV

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 15:51, Alexei Khlebnikov wrote:
> I want to run linux on not-very-fast machine (Pentium-1 class, not-so-much
> memory).
> What configuration requires more resourses (mostly RAM, also CPU),
> X_SVGA (or similar) server or framebuffer + X_FBDEV server ?
> What configuration is lighter, faster?
> I am interested mostly in 3.3.6 version, info about 4.x version also would
> be helpful.

Framebuffer uses significantly more CPU time for both X and text mode.  In 
text mode with the frame buffer you have to write a large amount of data to 
display a single character, while with regular text mode it's only a single 
byte.  In X the frame buffer doesn't support co-processing commands (block 
moves etc), so scrolling is much slower and uses more CPU power.

But I've had framebuffer working OK on a Pentium-1 laptop.

One thing to note is that framebuffer drivers tend not to crash as often or 
as easily as other drivers.  Better having a slow machine than a machine that 

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