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Re: sony srx7... sony pi... acpi

> well, i'm goin to throw this out for a quick answer before i put up
> kernel panic logs etc.  i have an srx7 (the japanese version) on which i
> am running woody and 2.4.18.  i've compiled the kernel with all the
> necessary support for acpi, wireless etc.  i have a decent setup
> running, including the internal orinoco minipci wireless card working.
> however... i cannot unplug or plug in the power cord while running else
> i get a kernel panic (this is an acpi issue as far as i can tell).
> also... i cannot modprobe sonypi (hence i cannot use /dev/sonypi) else i
> also get a kernel panic.  i have tried the dev kernel (2.5.25) and it
> does the same thing.  any comments would be appreciated, i'll post later
> this week with the details and kernel config if no one has any quick
> guesses.  thanks in advance, jason.

sonypi aka /dec/sonypi does not work with ACPI enable kernels.  The two
conflict.  I have the sony z505js and I just ignore the wheel (sonypi) in
linux.  Plus ACPI is not as developed as APM.  I use APM instead of ACPI
since ACPI screwes up my hibernation key ([Fn]-[F12]).  Once ACPI gets a
litle better I will switch to it.


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