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Re: Net startup commands...

>At first, I need to have some commands for route and network interface
>startup at boot. When the machine is powered down (it actually
>happens), eth0 is taken down and my route table is reset.
>Where can I place commands for these to be restored at startup? It is
>not good to need to login as root to set this at startup.

man 5 interfaces

>Another thing about this. I logged in as my normal user, and in the
>console, su'ed and started eth0 and set route table. When i exited
>from root and started X as "normal" user, the settings where gone. If
>I su'ed in a terminal after starting X, setting the network, it all
>worked fine again.

Strange. Maybe you've changed runlevel and thus "restored" wrong settings.

>Do these settings apply to one console only?
>I use route and ifconfig...


>Second, how do I stop and start pcmcia?
>Today myc pcmcia card happened to eject. Can I repace it, and restart

man cardctl

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