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Re: Trying to grasp pcmcia-cs installation

Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org> writes:
> I just now downloaded form kernel.org 2.4.18, and applied patches
> patch-2.4.19-pre8.gz, and the JP patch set (http://infolinux.de/jp/).  I
> used make-kpkg to build a kernel-image.
> I'm confused -- on debian-user it was recommended that I use the debian
> pcmcia-cs package, but I'm not clear if I can due to the different kernel
> versions.
> I assume I cannot use the debain package pcmcia-cs because I've now got a
> unique /lib/modules/2.4.19-pre8-jp13 directory, so apt-get wouldn't know
> where to install the drivers.

Install pcmcia-source.  Read /usr/share/doc/pcmcia-source/README.gz;
it explains how to use kernel-package to build a custom PCMCIA module
package for your newly built kernel.

> Will I also need to rebuild the kernel once again?  


> I'm not sure how, but is there any reason to build pcmcia-cs into a .deb
> instead of just make install?

You'll be able to easily remove it if you decide you don't want it
(say, because you move to a kernel that's actually released).  It's
easier to upgrade it and keep track of exactly what version you have

> If I do need to rebuild the kernel I guess I need to bump the revision and
> do some lilo trick to keep my original kernel from being replaced when I
> install the kernel the second time...

You shouldn't have a problem installing a new kernel image of the same
version; the kernel proper lives in memory, so even if you repoint
LILO at a new image on disk things should be fine.  You *can* get into
trouble if you install a new kernel and new modules that don't agree
with what's running, since then you could conceivably get into a state
where the old kernel needs to load a module but only finds new
modules.  You should be okay if you promptly reboot after installing
the new kernel/modules completes, though.

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