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Trying to grasp pcmcia-cs installation

I hope someone can clear things up for me.  I think I'm making this harder
than it really is.

As an exercise, I just built a new kernel, but I'm not clear about the
pcmcia-cs setup.  Mostly I'm confused about the mix of source and Debian

My original kernel was from http://people.debian.org/~blade/XFS-Install/
and I installed the pcmcia-cs Debian package.

I just now downloaded form kernel.org 2.4.18, and applied patches
patch-2.4.19-pre8.gz, and the JP patch set (http://infolinux.de/jp/).  I
used make-kpkg to build a kernel-image.

Now, the driver for my Cisco wireless card (airo.o) in the newly built
kernel is an older version from the kernel sources:

2.4.18-bf2.4-xfs was my previous kernel
2.4.19-pre8-jp13 is the one I just built

laptop:/usr/src# locate airo.o
/lib/modules/2.4.18-bf2.4-xfs/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/airo.o = 1.8
/lib/modules/2.4.18-bf2.4-xfs/pcmcia/airo.o = 1.8
/lib/modules/2.4.19-pre8-jp13/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/airo.o = 0.3

I'm confused -- on debian-user it was recommended that I use the debian
pcmcia-cs package, but I'm not clear if I can due to the different kernel
I assume I cannot use the debain package pcmcia-cs because I've now got a
unique /lib/modules/2.4.19-pre8-jp13 directory, so apt-get wouldn't know
where to install the drivers.

So, it would seem I need to build pcmcia-cs from sourceforge.

Will I also need to rebuild the kernel once again?  

If so, do I need to disable pcmcia support in the kernel, or will
installing the pcmcia-cs overwrite what it needs?

I'm not sure how, but is there any reason to build pcmcia-cs into a .deb
instead of just make install?

If I do need to rebuild the kernel I guess I need to bump the revision and
do some lilo trick to keep my original kernel from being replaced when I
install the kernel the second time...


Bill Moseley

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