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Re: "your system doesn't need PCMCIA"

On Sat, Jun 29, 2002 at 07:38:04PM -0500, Jeremy Turner wrote:
> It appears not to be asking a question, but giving the impression that
> "I checked out your system, and it doesn't look like you have PCMCIA;
> Would you like me to remove it?"  I don't understand if this is talking
> about the kernel modules or pcmcia-cs package.  I have said "No" at this
> prompt (since I'm installing off a mini-PCI card wired NIC), and then
> re-install pcmcia-cs if I need to.
> Should a bug be filed against the wording of this?  Maybe it should
> read, "PCMCIA was installed with the rest of the kernel.  Would you like
> me to remove it?"

I was under the (undoubtedly mistaken) impression it asked you that question
if you didn't install using a pcmcia card, e.g. if you installed from CD.
But since you said you did use a card for the install, I must be wrong.

Sounds like it's worth reporting it as a bug (or discuss it further on the
boot-floppies mailing list).  At worst they'll just explain why they think
it's not a bug, and then we'll all have better understanding of what it's
doing! Make sure you report back here and let us know :)

> Also, I thought the name of the standard changed a year (or more) ago to
> "PC Card"?  If I'm way off, I've had a huge headache all day...

PCMCIA refers to the 16-bit cards (equivalent to the ISA bus).
PC Card refers to the newer 32-bit cards, equivalent to the PCI bus.


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