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interrupt(s) dropped

 Hi, I´ve got a trouble with my network pcmcia, I have got a kernel 2.4.18 and woody.
when I plugged my pcmcia always says the subject message every 2 o 3 seconds. When
type "cardctl ident" the computer says:

product info "PCMCIA", "FastEthernet", "V", "1.0"
manfid 0x21b, 0x202
function: 6 (network)

When I plugged the PCMCIA says the next too:

eth0: Asix AX88190: io 0x320, irq 3, hw_addr ........

P.D. : My laptop is toshiba tecra 8000, and I would like to apoligise for my english


Israel Santana
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