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Re: Wireless setup

On Wed, Jun 26, 2002 at 02:30:51PM -0700, Bill Moseley wrote:
>I'm finally trying to get my wireless working.  I guess I could use a few
>pointers, or perhaps pointers to a current HOWTO.  It's all a bit
>mysterious at this point.
>I've got an SMC access point and a SMC 2632W card.  That's the entire
>setup.  The access point is connected to the hub on my 192.168.0.x network
>where I run a NAT/firewall box.  Works fine under Windows on the laptop.
>I have HOWTO overload.  I'm never sure when searching google which are
>out-dated, or have instructions for installing things I don't need.  Some
>say I need to install linux-wlan but I'm not sure I do, or if I do, why...
>As it sits now, if I just plug in the card into the laptop it beeps and says:
>  eth1: Intersil firmware earlier than v0.08 - several features not supported
>That seems promising.  I did install the wireless-tools package, too.
>My internal network uses static IPs.  So I'd like to learn how to switch
>between the wireless card and the lapttop's internal NIC.  I'll also be
>using the laptop on the road, both with the hardware and wireless
>interfaces, and that will require DHCP.  Is "pump" the way to go?  And
>what's recommended way to move between static and DHCP?
>Am I feeling Clueless?  Yes.
>Thanks very much,

I have the same SMC card as you do, I have had success with both the
kernel Hermes drivers, as well as the linux-wlan-ng drivers. I have
found that the linux-wlan drivers work a little better, though. I can
give you a step by step to get them running.

1) get vanilla kernel 2.4.18 from kernel.org ( I had troubles getting
the linux-wlan drivers to compile with the debian kernel sources for
some reason)

2) download pcmcia-cs source from sourceforge

3) download linux-wlan-ng drivers from linux-wlan.org

4) compile kernel with pcmcia turned off; turn on wireless LAN

5) compile pcmcia-cs

6) compile linux-wlan-ng drivers



Peter Hicks
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