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Wireless setup

I'm finally trying to get my wireless working.  I guess I could use a few
pointers, or perhaps pointers to a current HOWTO.  It's all a bit
mysterious at this point.

I've got an SMC access point and a SMC 2632W card.  That's the entire
setup.  The access point is connected to the hub on my 192.168.0.x network
where I run a NAT/firewall box.  Works fine under Windows on the laptop.

I have HOWTO overload.  I'm never sure when searching google which are
out-dated, or have instructions for installing things I don't need.  Some
say I need to install linux-wlan but I'm not sure I do, or if I do, why...

As it sits now, if I just plug in the card into the laptop it beeps and says:

  eth1: Intersil firmware earlier than v0.08 - several features not supported

That seems promising.  I did install the wireless-tools package, too.

My internal network uses static IPs.  So I'd like to learn how to switch
between the wireless card and the lapttop's internal NIC.  I'll also be
using the laptop on the road, both with the hardware and wireless
interfaces, and that will require DHCP.  Is "pump" the way to go?  And
what's recommended way to move between static and DHCP?

Am I feeling Clueless?  Yes.

Thanks very much,

Bill Moseley

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