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how to configure orinoco card on tp 380ed ?

Hi Folks!
First, many thanks to all on this list who have been helping me to learn debian.

I just got a wireless pc card for my thinkpad 380ed. It is a Lucent ORiNOCO PC Card -- Silver Card.

When I do a "ifconfig eth0 ...." with the appropriate IP address, netmask address, etc, I get an error

SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
eth0: unknown interface: No such device

Or when I do a "pump -i eth0" I get an error

Operation failed.

When I do a "cardctl config" it gives details on my card in socket 0. Everything looks fine there.

Now when I do a "lsmod" I get (i'm typing this out, sorry for the misaligned columns) :
Module     Used    by
wvlan_cs   0   (unused)
lockd   0   (autoclean) (unused)
sunrpc   0   (autoclean) (unused)
ds   2   [wvlan_cs]
i82365 2 pcmcia_core 0 [wvlan_cs ds i82365]
unix   14   (autoclean)

Also, when I run "dmesg" it indicates (among other things)

wvlan_cs: Driver unloaded

I've been reading over the PCMCIA-HOWTO and also Jean T's Wireless LAN under Linux documents, but I'm overwhelmed by the amount of technical info that doesnt relate to what I'm trying to do.

I pose these questions to the wise ones:

- How do I load my wvlan_cs driver?

- Would anyone recommend the orinoco_cs driver instead of the wvlan_cs driver?

Jean T's documents suggest that the orinoco_cs improves on some flaws in the wvlan_cs. The orinoco_cs is available in pcmcia-cs.3.1.29 and I'm just running 3.1.22.

Is there a good ftp site (to add to my sources.list) in order to dowload pcmcia-cs.3.1.29 (or higher) deb package?

many thanks,
Gale Stafford

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