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Re: Multiple users (perhaps OT)

> At the moment, the X server doesn't allow any other than the user who
> started X to start X applications. And if she wants to write texts and
> save to her user, we need to restart X, or she needs to work in a
> terminal.

Well, Gnome (i.e. gdm) has Menu Options "New Login in nested Window" and
"New Login" allowing you to login exactly as you used to.
(you need to have xnest installed, the nesting xserver. In fact you are
running a second xserver.)
Other was is to use for example  "xhost +local:"
allowin all(!) users on your machine to display X11 programs on your
display. Then you could merge your X11 authentification files, you could
use "ssh -X userid@localhost" and setup some bogus X11 forwarding...

There are dozens of possibilities.


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