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Re: Which laptop tu buy.

If your looking at ibooks then IMHO stick with Apple's OSX. Hmmm, can I
get away with this on a Debian list.. :-)
I've not used Apple kit at all, but I have seen OSX in action and it
looks very nice. But most importantly it will support all the hardware
that the ibook has to offer.

As for laptops, I run a Dell Inspiron 8000 with Debian Woody. No
problems getting everything running, including wireless LAN. Very cool!
I even run 3dfx games. When it's in the docking station you wouldn't
know it was a laptop.

Just my 2c worth...


On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 18:04, Omar Alberto Gomez. wrote:
> Hi everybody.
>   I'm in the process of buying (or wanting to buy) a laptop, but I wanted
> to ask the list first if someone has any recomendations on models or
> brand (I mean getting all of the hardware supported); of course I want to
> use debian. What do you think about mac laptops (IBook) are they ok? I
> haven't work with one my self, therefore I don't know if they are an
> option when you want to use Linux.
>   Thanks in advance. 
> Alberto Gómez
> oagomez@mail.udg.mx
> Tel: (33)3629-6600
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