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Re: Re: Battery Life

(replying to this on-list)

On Sunday 23 June 2002 11:38 pm, you wrote:
> >Have you got your kernel compiled to "make CPU Idle calls when Idle
> > ?"
> I might look at this too.  Lately my battery life has been crappy too
> and I find that the HDD NEVER stops.
> In fact I find that there's something that seems to get written every
> 10-20 seconds that interrupts my mouse movement regularly which is
> really annoying.
> How can I try and track down what may be trying to write so often?

There's a bunch of stuff in the list archives, which I'm too lazy to
hunt through and cut-n-paste ;-)

Searching terms like "lsof" and "noflushd" should find most of the 
relevant information.

- Derek

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