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Re: Masquerade Help Requested

penguin@peoplepc.com wrote:

Ok, with all you folks' help i have my mini-LAN established.  Special
thanks to those that told me about the correct cables to use and pointed
me to the correct drivers for my network cards.
I was fooling around with iptables and got the masquerade thing to work,
albeit with a slow dial-up line as a connection to the internet.

It may be too late for you, but here's what I did:

apt-get install ipmasq

That's it!

When installing, it runs its ipmasq init.d script, which automatically loads the relevant kernel modules (I think it still uses ipchains), tests all of the network connections to determine which is actually connected to the internet, calculates its rules based on the net connection, and sets up a pretty tight set of firewall rules on the box. I have used it on my home LAN for years, and have not had to relax any of its rules.

Furthermore, if you like, it can recalculate all of the rules on each ppp up/down (configured via debconf).

Pretty neat, huh?


-Adam P.

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