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Re: USB mouse and X-Windows 4.2.0

Erich Schubert wrote:
>> /dev/input/mice does only exist (on my system) when the mouse is
>> plugged into the USB port. Do you have a second input section for
>> the internal touchpad ?
> yes, i have two mice configured. /dev/input/mice is probably input
> core specific. with devfs it is automatically created. This is nice
> because it acts like an "empty" mouse when i did not plugin my usb
> mouse. And when i plugin two usb mice both work (well, i havn't found
> any use for that ye  ;)
The solution: /dev/input/mice only exists when the "mousedev" kernel module is loaded - which only got loaded by hotplug when the mouse was in. Putting this module in /etc/modules solves the problem completely :-)

Mark Janssen wrote:
> I use this same method, with a usb logitech first mouse... It works,
> and I can always use the mouse in X, after suspend, and also after
> removing and re-inserting the mouse. I've also got my laptop's
> touchpad mapped to /dev/input/mice so they both control the pointer
> (X and console).
How did you manage to get your touchpad mapped to /dev/input/mice ? Mine does not seem to send events there, but is only accessible via /dev/psaux.

> The only problem I notice is that the scrollwheel doesn't work when
> the mouse isn't connected on starting of X, it drop's back to a
> default ps2 mouse with 3 buttons (and not 5...)
This works perfectly for me - just tried to boot the laptop, log into X, then plug in the mouse and the wheel works. However, I have configured /dev/input/mice and /dev/psaux in my X config.

I have added the details to my webpage at

Thanks for the hints !

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