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Re: flame

On Jun 22, 2002 at 01:42 +0100, Vivek wrote:
> >
> > It's been months since I've had it installed, so mayhaps it's been
> > fixed, although there were enough (what I call) design flaws to disuade
> > me from reinstalling it now at version 1.0.
> > For example?  Well, the biggest thing that irked me was that a page
> > would have to _completely_ download before being viewed, and if I
> I don't see this behaviour. In fact, I have a (slow download)
> partially loaded page in front of me right now... You didn't
> tick off some random witch doctor while doing your install,
> did you?

Mozilla seems to be behaving here; shows half-loaded pages & ESC
leaves progress on the screen.  Also, mozilla takes ~5s to start up on
my 450MHz laptop.

I'm sure you're both right, of course -- Mozilla is a (fast) moving
target.  I had a very poor opinion of it from trying earlier versions,
but the 0.9.9 version I have installed has surprised me with how
decent it is.  It's replaced Opera as my preferred Linux browser.

Also, I can successfully log in to my online banking account.  Opera
wasn't able to, and Konqueror doesn't even load the login page (yes,
definitely my bank's fault, but I've given up on that crusade).

Thatcher Ulrich

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