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Modem RX errors

I have a Zoom modem V.92 3075 PCMCIA. 

The problem is that  my dialup connection  is extremely slow (can go down to 
30 B/s), even if it shows differences between FTP (where I  can get a fair 
1KB/s), and HTTP, 30-200KB/s. 

I get a lot of RX errors as I can see from  the ifconfig output, as much as 
the 30% of  all received packets. No TX errors. 

I have a NEC SX laptop, PII366, and I'm running Linux Debian 2.2.r6 (kernel 

What the problem can be? What can I do to see if the problem is Hardware, 
Software or it's just my ISP?

Thanks very much. 

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