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something overwrites my shadow - was: can't get pass login!

I have get pass login thanks to init=/bin/bash

  But now (pure curiosity), a program overwrited my shadow with
  string containnig word UMASTER (I attached the shadow file),
  I can only login if not using file shadowing - because it is stil
  overwriting the /etc/shadow again and again, while saving untouched
  file as shadow-.
  ps -aux command shows nothing,
  but most of my logs are gone and syslogd is not anymore on my tty8.
  I face with this kind of problem for a first time in my life -
  no telnet nor ssh services were on, and remote user could not login
  as a root.
  So, what happened???

Best regards,
 Sven                            mailto:sven_s@poczta.onet.pl

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