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Re: can't get pass login!

Sven (sven_s@poczta.onet.pl) said:
> I need advice:
>   I am stucked on a country side, with my laptop, only with CD without
>   floppy, and set of Debian Woody unstable discs.
>   I also have a 56k modem connection to the internet.
>   Is there any way of getting pass the login, or just editing
>   /etc/shadow? I suppose that a program messed something with the
>   passwd files.

Have you tried breaking in through your bootloader?

If not, try booting up with "linux init=/bin/bash" (for lilo). You'll
get a shell with the root mounted read only. Run "mount -oremount,rw /"
and then you can edit /etc/shadow. Remount / read only again and power
cycle. At this point you should be back in business.

Good luck.

Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey

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