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Re: hubs and switches

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Tony Firecloud wrote:

>   Well yes, I had planned on having my network connected to the internet.
> Kinda the whole idea of this was being able to use my new cable inter-
> net connection between a) the server, and then b) the two laptops, and 
> for a final trick, c) my wife's win98 machine which would replace one 
> of the laptops when necessary, as the windows machine doesn't need much
> network/internet time.
>   But i'm pretty sure i don't _need_ a router for that, do i?  Couldn't
> i send everything to the server (via the hub now) and have that box then 
> send everything over the cable pipe?  Masquerading, i think one calls it.
> Or packet forwarding?  Or maybe i can't do such a thing if i want to use 
> a hub(?); this is a new facet to my non-hubbed 5-NIC, 3-host, 1-internet 
> connection idea, will take some figuring/reading i guess.  But i'll 
> definitely take your advice and get a hub or switch.

Nope, you don't need a separate router. You can have your server function
as a router. Just pop two NICs into it and off you go. Masquerading is
what you're looking for. As long as you can get both of your NICs to show
up you shouldn't have much trouble. (I've been having a problem with that
lately.) Good luck. :)


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