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hubs and switches

> a router is basically a hub or a switch on steroids.  it usually does
> the same job as hubs and switches, but it also allows you the ability
> to connect *all* the computers it manages to the internet, if you have
> an internet connection like cable modem or DSL.  routers tend to be
> more expensive though (pushing $100)...if you can afford it, then it
> might be good for the possibility of a future internet connection, but
> it's overkill for the job you've described in your email.
> good luck!
> -alan

  Well yes, I had planned on having my network connected to the internet.
Kinda the whole idea of this was being able to use my new cable inter-
net connection between a) the server, and then b) the two laptops, and 
for a final trick, c) my wife's win98 machine which would replace one 
of the laptops when necessary, as the windows machine doesn't need much
network/internet time.
  But i'm pretty sure i don't _need_ a router for that, do i?  Couldn't
i send everything to the server (via the hub now) and have that box then 
send everything over the cable pipe?  Masquerading, i think one calls it.
Or packet forwarding?  Or maybe i can't do such a thing if i want to use 
a hub(?); this is a new facet to my non-hubbed 5-NIC, 3-host, 1-internet 
connection idea, will take some figuring/reading i guess.  But i'll 
definitely take your advice and get a hub or switch.

Thanks for the link, looks like a good one; just what i need.

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