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Re: irda and ericsson t39m on compaq armada e500


I had a similar problem with Nokia Phones and Compaq Armada M700.
Someone on the Irda mailing list told me to do

setserial /dev/ttyS2 irq 3

After that irdadump started to work with all the other stuff (even a
Nokia 6310 with ppp on GPRS connection is now working...:-) )

Hope this help 


On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 12:03, Juraj Bednar wrote:
> Hello,
> > I'm very new to irda. And I wondered if someone could help me getting
> > the mentioned setup working.
> > I'm experienced with linux so maybe a few hints could be enough to
> > help me.
> > I've already searched the internet but i still miss the big picture.
> > 
> > (tried to get minicom working with the moiles modem, but even
> > irdadump doesn't get any packets back... modules irda, ircomm, irtty
> > and ircomm-tty are loaded)
> I asked a similiar question few days back, maybe you can look at the
> archives. Anyway, what do you mean be ,,not getting any packets back''.
> If irattach is in search mode, you should be able to see constant rate
> of packets sent from your irda because of discovery.
> Anyways, be sure you load irda and irtty modules BEFORE the serial
> module (e.g. rmmod serial isa-pnp and then modprobe irda irtty ircomm).
>      J.

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