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Re: irda and ericsson t39m on compaq armada e500


> I'm very new to irda. And I wondered if someone could help me getting
> the mentioned setup working.
> I'm experienced with linux so maybe a few hints could be enough to
> help me.
> I've already searched the internet but i still miss the big picture.
> (tried to get minicom working with the moiles modem, but even
> irdadump doesn't get any packets back... modules irda, ircomm, irtty
> and ircomm-tty are loaded)

I asked a similiar question few days back, maybe you can look at the
archives. Anyway, what do you mean be ,,not getting any packets back''.
If irattach is in search mode, you should be able to see constant rate
of packets sent from your irda because of discovery.

Anyways, be sure you load irda and irtty modules BEFORE the serial
module (e.g. rmmod serial isa-pnp and then modprobe irda irtty ircomm).


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