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Re: Dual Boot

> Other people might want to partition up the / into /, /usr, and /home,
> but I don't consider that a big deal.  I usually end up rebuilding my
> laptop every month (guys at work tease me about it all the time), so I
> don't get too fancy.  However, Debian's ease of upgrades, installations,
> and maintainence has me thinking about keeping my laptop this way.
Actually, this is a great argument to have at least /home on a different
partition. If you have to do a reinstall, you can just reinitialize the
rest (/) and don't lose your data. My eperience after about 8 months is
that I use more and more different partitions, so I can save as much as
I have made. Thing is with a Linux install, is that you have to make it
grow like something beautiful. Updating config scripts where you can.

> 3. Run Grub or LILO on hda.  Debian's LILO seemed to detect WinXP just
> fine (it labled it as WinNT, but oh well)
Actually if you boot win2k it will tell you it is build on NT
technology, so lilo probably is right. I like grub, since it makes it
very easy to add another kernel or OS. There is some learning involved
in the configuration (and the installation). But once you have it
roling, it is so easy to use. (Don't want to start a Lilo <-> grub war
here though).

And then find yourself booting into debian whenever you can.


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