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Re: Dual Boot

Nah, there's no such thing as stupid questions.  I'll repost to the list
so that it can be archived (http://www.geocrawler.com) for future

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 15:52, Steve Harmon wrote:
> I saw your post on debian-users about dual booting with lilo on your 
> Thinkpad.
I hope it was on debian-laptop, or I made a mistake!

> I'm a Debian noob who is building a machine I will dual-boot between 
> Debian and XP. I may try the installation on an old TP 600X I have for
> "practice."
Honestly, I've been messing around with Debian for only about 6 months,
but I've found it increasingly easy to maintain, even though initial
configuration is difficult.  Like any OS, there is a learning curve,
especially with installing and configuring software packages.

> Would you point me to some good documentation on dual-booting and 
> partitioning so I don't have to pollute the list with stupid 
> questions?

No problem.  The first place I'd look is The Linux Documentation Project
(http://www.tldp.org).  I can't find a dual boot how-to right now for
some reason, but I'm pretty sure one exists.  Another good place to look
is the Linux Laptop page (http://linux-laptop.net). 

I'll give you the run-down on how I like to partition on my laptop.

hda1 WinXP/Win2000 (C:)	NTFS	  5 GB
hda5 /boot		ext3	 30 MB
hda6 swap		swap	256 MB
hda7 /			ext3	  5 GB
hda8 /mnt/data (D:)	FAT32	 18 GB

The D: (hda8) is a huge file share that I can write to from both OSes. 
I also install Windows apps in it (usually D:\Apps).  I can also access
my MP3s from both OSes in this partition.

Other people might want to partition up the / into /, /usr, and /home,
but I don't consider that a big deal.  I usually end up rebuilding my
laptop every month (guys at work tease me about it all the time), so I
don't get too fancy.  However, Debian's ease of upgrades, installations,
and maintainence has me thinking about keeping my laptop this way.

Normally, I install this way:

1. Install Win2000/XP in a 5 GB partition.
2. Install Debian (configuring partitions as above)
3. Run Grub or LILO on hda.  Debian's LILO seemed to detect WinXP just
fine (it labled it as WinNT, but oh well)
4. Make the data partition
5. Have fun.

I hope this helps.  If you have any other questions, let me know.


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