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Re: laptop newbie pcmcia nightmare

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 08:04:15PM +0100, Ant Ken wrote:
> hi,
> thanks for that

you're welcome, let's see how much further we can get you.  I'm forwarding
this back onto the main list since the more heads that can be applied, the

...and besides that other people could stand to be able to learn the answers
too, sometime.  Since I'm on the list proper I don't need two copies, so I'm
not on the cc.
> it beeps twice ( two high frequency beeps ) as expected


> i have edited the 
> network.opts file i cannot ping anything on my network and i cannot ping it 
> from other boxes on the network

okay, this suggests your netmask is wrong, your gateway is wrong, or its
ability to pick up DHCP isn't working.  (which maybe as in really not working,
or as in being given wrong data.)

> the card works i know that because i use it in other laptops and it works 
> fine there
> the light on the transceiver bit is flashing as it should as packets float 
> across the network from other machines

we'll take this as software rather than hardware, then.

> i am now stuck and dont know what to do
> please could you help me??
> thanks
> antken

Yes.  Tell us whether you want to use DHCP or a static address, give the

	ifconfig -a 

	route -n

from one of your other machines that works... and this one that doesn't...

and show us your current /etc/pcmcia/network.opts so we can tell if you

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