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No sound on NEC versa aptitude


I have been trying for about a week to get an ess Allegro sound card to
work under Linux( Debian 3.0 ) and/or BSD (FreeBSD 4.5 ).
The card is recognized under Linux (using the maestro3.o module on kernel
2.4 and 2.2) with the following parameters : IRQ 5 io=0x1400 ... , but no
sound is emitted.

However, after having booted into Windows (where the card works), and
rebooted into Linux, the card functions
correctly.  After a shutdown, the sound card no longer fuctions
(recognized, but no sound).

I have already changed the BIOS on the laptop (the BIOS is O/S independant
instead of a standard BIOS as the BIOS does not have a PNP O/S option),
compiled the maestro3 driver (in static and module, support for both with
Plug'nPlay and without), tried alsa drivers, pressed the speaker key Fn+F6,
disactivated the USB which shares IRQ 5 with the card, etc.... nothing
seems to work.

Under BSD, the same thing happens, sound after a hot reboot into Windows or
no sound at all.

How is it that I can get the card to initialize under Windows (registry?)
and not Linux?

Any ideas?


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