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Re: Driver for winmodem smartlink Hamr 5600

On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 19:25, Riccardo Gusso wrote:
> Has anybody got success installing the drivers that could be found at 
> ftp://ftp.smlink.com/Update/linux/unsupported/ ?

I've tried older versions before, but couln't get them to work, but now
that this new version is here I just dl-d it and tested. Works
perfectly, I compiled the version in the slmdm-2.6.12.tar.gz file.

The only thing that didn't work was creation of the /dev/ttySL0 file. I
repeated this by hand, and just dialed in using my laptop's built-in
modem to my ISP :)

I'm really happy now that I can finally use all hardware of my laptop
under linux (modem was the last device I couldn't get working)

> I have tried all the three ones, slmdm-2.6.12, slmdm-2.6.12_debug, and 
> slmdm-2.6.12_i386 and the only result I have is to block completely my 

> I am running debian/unstable with kernel 2.4.18 on a sis630-based notebook.
> Thanks in advance.

I'm running a custom compiled 2.4.19-pre4... but any 2.4.18 should do I

Try compiling and installing the driver by hand, looking at the dmesg
output and other messages/logging after every step.

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