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Driver for winmodem smartlink Hamr 5600

Has anybody got success installing the drivers that could be found at 
ftp://ftp.smlink.com/Update/linux/unsupported/ ?
I have tried all the three ones, slmdm-2.6.12, slmdm-2.6.12_debug, and 
slmdm-2.6.12_i386 and the only result I have is to block completely my 
notebook (I can neither reach it by telnet nor ssh by other pc in my lan) and 
I am forced to power it off, and to run fsck manually at the reboot to repair 
the disk ! 
Or has anybody found other drivers that could work?
I am running debian/unstable with kernel 2.4.18 on a sis630-based notebook.
Thanks in advance.
                                     Riccardo Gusso

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