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Re: Asus L2460D

Hi Samuele

I own ASUS laptop from A1 series.
Though hardware in your model seems to be quite different, except the graphics
I do not know if it helps, but you will certainly need this
if you want to get XFree running. Or have to use VESA framebuffer :(

I also found some other links concerning ASUS laptops (other models, but some
bits of hardware can be the same as in yours)


although you r right - no specific info for the L2 series

Also CHECK the modem - if it's winmodem, then 90% probability, that it will NOT
be supported. It's the case for A1 series - everything works perfectly, except
winmodem (in my case it's motorola).



--- Samuele <s244797@studenti.ing.unipi.it> wrote:
> 	Hi all.
> 	I'm going to buy an Asus L2460D; I plan to install Debian (woody)
> on it, but I'm not sure of which hardware parts are supported and which are
> not. After a quick research on the Web I've found no informations about a
> Linux-dist running on it or on any other laptop of the L2 series, and I
> suppose
> it is because those are very-new. Does anyone here know something about that
> machine, or at least something about particular parts/devices surely not
> supported or that can create problems with Linux? This is the technical
> description:
> 	AMD Mobile Athlon 4, 1.2GHz / 100MHz FSB, on a SIS 730S Chipset
> 	256MB SDRAM
> 	14.1" TFT LCD, XGA+ 1024x768
> 	Graphical subsystem integrated on the SIS 730S Chipset with
> system-shared memory (max 64MB)
> 	HDD UDMA/100 20GB
> 	Combo DVD 8x-CDRW 8x/4x/24x
> 	FD
> 	PCMCIA 2.1, 2 type II or 1 type III
> 	2 FireWire
> 	2 USB
> 	IrDA 1.1
> 	Ai-Box connector
> 	VGA Port
> 	Parallel port
> 	S-Video TV out
> 	PS/2 Port
> 	Integrated Modem AC97 2.1 MDC v.90 Universal PPT support
> 	NIC 10/100 BaseT on-board, std
> 	AC97 Soundsystem
> 	Stand-by support, Suspend-to-disk & Suspend-to-Ram
> 	ACPI 2.0
> 	Li-Ion battery, 2000 mAh/cell, 9 cells
> 	Regards, and thanx in advance :)
> --
> Samuele Catusian

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