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Re: Boot Loader

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Derek Broughton wrote:

> > knows how to cheat and reinitialise itself from a special swsupend file:
> > but I don't think those are technically hibernation.
> Technically?  Technically, what I described is what Windows does.  Which is
> what the original poster was asking about.  It's also, afaik, what swsusp
> does.  I haven't ever had a computer, laptop or desktop, that had a
> suspend-to-disk that didn't take the computer to full power-off.

I have. It's a Thinkpad A20p, and it _doesn't_ go through the bootloader
when it wakes from hibernation ( which it would do, if I used swsusp ).
I don't know about the full power off issue - that isn't the important
distinction I was trying to make. The important bit is:

Quick-boot-recovery -> via bootloader
hibernate-wake-up   -> via bios voodoo

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