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Special keys without keycodes?

David Poisson <david@fishy.ca> writes:

> Hi, 
> 	I have a Dell Inspiron 4100 and I was wondering if anyone had figured
> out how to get the "E" button (next to the power button) to work by
> launching a program of your choice?

Hi everyone!

I've got a laptop (Compaq Evo N160; http://repose.cx/n160 for a page on mind))
that has a number of these special buttons up the top as well. Two of them -
the volume buttons - produce valid keycodes which I can rebind and use. There's
another four, however, which don't generate any keycodes - hitting them when
running xev generates no output at all.

I'm guessing these buttons need to be controlled via ACPI or similar. Has
anyone looked into getting them working?

Damien Elmes

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