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IBM Thinkpad A31p (or ATI FireGL 7300) -- any experiences?

I am looking at replacing my current, somewhat aging, Gateway Solo 9300
with a new laptop. One of the major motivations is that Gateway don't
exist in .au any more, but that's another story.

Of all the hardware out there today the IBM A31p looks like the nicest
thing that I can find -- space for plenty of memory, good sized hard
drives, a semi-decent sound system and, most importantly, a good 3D
OpenGL hardware chipset. The connectivity is also good. :)

That said, this is mostly theoretical knowledge. I can't find much
information about the stability of the ATI Fire GL 7300 chipset with
XFree86 out there.

Everything else that the laptop has it shares with the A30p, giving me
much more confidence that the sound, network and other devices can be
sanely driven.

So, does anyone have any feedback on the stability and usefulness of
the video part of the system?  Other feedback, of the "it sucks" or
"works fine" variety is also interesting, but I mostly care about the
video system...


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