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IrDA problems nsc-ircc on notebook Digital HiNote Ultra 2000

Hi :)

I have an Digital HiNote Ultra 2000 (VTX5166M http://www.compaq.com/legacysupport/digital/hinote_ultra_2000_abstract.html)
running the NSC PC87338 FIR irda chipset.

When Im trying to load the  module (Potato kernel 2.4.18-586tsc), I get
the following massage: "Wrong Chip version: 16".

modprobe ircomm-tty nsc-ircc says:

	nsc-ircc, Found chip at base=0x02e
	nsc-ircc, Wrong chip version 16
Findchip -v says:                                       

   Found NSC PC87338 Controller at 0x2e, DevID=0x0b, Rev. 3
    SIR Base 0x2f8, FIR Base 0x2f8
    IRQ = 3, DMA = 3
    Enabled: Yes, Suspended: no
    UART compatible: yes
    Half duplex delay = 0 us
How do I correct this problem ?


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