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Re: HP Pavilion zt1130 sound not working


I have the dame laptop and ran into the same problem with sound.  The VIA site recoments using the Alsa drivers and has instructions on setting it up in Red Hat and a few others but no Debian help.  It wasn't that hard for me to figure it out from there, though.  

I have gotten MP#s to play, but cann't get system sound to work.  I got the DVD to work, but couldn't get sound to work for it either.  If you figure this out let me know.


PS - I'm running Sid (unstable) if that makes a difference.

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002 19:33:13 -0400
Jeremy Petzold <jpetzold@twmi.rr.com> wrote:

> Hubert Chan wrote:
> >Hash: SHA1
> >
> >>>>>>"Jeremy" == Jeremy  <jpetzold@twmi.rr.com> writes:
> >>>>>>
> >
> >Jeremy> As you can see I have a VIA AC97 Audio Controller. My sound is
> >Jeremy> not working although I have installed all the AC97 sound drivers
> >Jeremy> tghat were included in the set-up of the 3.0 bf2.4 Iso.
> >
> >Run lsmod to make sure the modules are loaded.  What sound drivers did
> >you install?  Alsa or the plain kernel drivers?  You may also want to
> >run dmesg and see if it spits out any useful error messages.  Also, any
> >use who needs to use sound must be a member of the "audio" group.
> >
> I have added my self to the audio group before I wrote to the group. I 
> have installed the OSS modules and the other related drivers for AC97 
> sound, including the VIA chip drivers. ALSA would not install. I am not 
> at my PC right now, but I will check dmsg and make sure the modules are 
> installed.

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