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Re: Why Woody?

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Nick wrote:

> Alot of you on this mailing list have told me to stay with Woody rather
> than upgrade to Potato because Woody will eventually be the stable
> version. What is the major difference between Woody and Potato, why is
> Woody better than Potato?

You can't "upgrade" from woody to potato. Potato is tge current stable
distribution, soon to be the old stable version. Woody is the current
testing version, soon (hopefully) to be the new stable version.

Potato is 2.2 rX, Woody _will be_ 3.0. AFAIK, there is no woody rX version,
because woody hasn't been released yet. ANd there cetainly _shouldn't_ be a
woody 2.2 _anything_, because woody _will be_ version 3.0.


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