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Re: pcmcia load at boot

pan@botong.org (Patrik Andreasen) asked:

> ... it turns out that the actual issue wasn't when the pcmcia drivers
> was loaded (although there was a deep reason for when to load the
> drivers of course), but this:
> If I boot the machine with no card inserted, I then have to insert
> the card, remove it, and then reinsert it for the card to be fully
> activated.  This happens both with a 3com 575 and with a dell
> truemobile 1150.  Further: if any card's been inserted the other one
> works on the first insertion.
> Now this turns out to be what I can only assume to be another FAQ:
> change the DHCP parameter in /etc/pcmcia/networks.opts to "y" (or
> configure it to your liking otherwise). But still: how come it gets
> configured the second time around when I don't put DHCP="y" in the
> .opts file?

The newer pcmcia packages fall back on using ifup/ifdown if the
network.opts has not been configured.  Therefore, when the PCMCIA card
is inserted, ifup is run, which establishes the network connection and
runs the DHCP client.

Look in the /etc/network/interfaces file.  Does it contain a line that
reads "auto eth0" or something similar?  That line should not be there,
and I think this might be a bug in the installation scripts.

Please let me know so I can have this problem corrected.  Thanks.

> Also, with the dell card, I get the expected beeps on insertion and
> removal. With the 3com card I get only a couple of half-hearted clicks
> on insertion, but the regular beep on removal.

I have no idea on this one.

- Brian

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