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Re: pcmcia load at boot

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Brian Mays wrote:
> This is a frequently asked question.   Therefore, go read the FAQ:
>     /usr/share/doc/pcmcia-cs/FAQ.Debian.gz
> - Brian

Thanks, I'd missed that. However, it turns out that the actual issue
wasn't when the pcmcia drivers was loaded (although there was a deep
reason for when to load the drivers of course), but this:

If I boot the machine with no card inserted, I then have to insert the
card, remove it, and then reinsert it for the card to be fully activated.
This happens both with a 3com 575 and with a dell truemobile 1150.
Further: if any card's been inserted the other one works on the first

Now this turns out to be what I can only assume to be another FAQ: change
the DHCP parameter in /etc/pcmcia/networks.opts to "y" (or configure it to
your liking otherwise). But still: how come it gets configured the second
time around when I don't put DHCP="y" in the .opts file?

Also, with the dell card, I get the expected beeps on insertion and
removal. With the 3com card I get only a couple of half-hearted clicks on
insertion, but the regular beep on removal.



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