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Re: Fujitsu Lifebook C-4235 and Woody

David R. Chip Kent IV, 2002-Jan-29 08:19 -0800:
> I'm in the middle of my first attempt to get Debian running on a laptop
> and have encountered a few problems. I'm using Gnome, the default
> window manager, and Woody.
> Problem 1:
> When X windows are opened, they are too big to fit on the screen (800x600)
> and the top bar, where the window can be grabbed and moved, is off the
> screen so I end up with a pile of windows I can't move.
> This should be simple, but my knowledge of X goes only far enough to get
> it installed on MOST computers.  This one didn't fall into that category.

This works in Enlightenment, and may work for you.  Hold down the
Alt key and then the left mouse button with the pointer anywhere
in the window you want to move.  You should be able to slide the
window around till you can get to the top of each window.

> Problem 2:
> The network setup files seem to have changed between potato and woody.
> Where can I find docs on this?
> I'd appreciate any help I can get so I don't have to install RH (which I
> know configures itself properly).

There are manual pages on the following:

That should do it.  Good luck...jc

Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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