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Re: To all sis630 laptop users---Xfree with dri and fb

On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 12:13:46PM +0100, Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
> Hi everyone (and SiS630 victims in the first place),
> FYI:
> The X 4.2 driver is (more or less) identical to the version of 16/1/02
> available on my site. Unfortunately, the deadline for committing to the
> X CVS came exact one day too early - the driver included with 4.2 has a
> serious bug in the Xv part that makes playing video impossible if (don't
> ask...) - no external VGA is connected (and switchied on) at boot time.
> This is fixed in newer versions (after 16/1/02) on my site, and will be
> fixed in the first update of X 4.2.

Thnx for the info... I'm currently using the driver from your webpage
(Downloaded and tested yesterday, it works great.)

I have a Sis630 in my CLEVO 2700C Laptop.

I did encounter some small problems, but those were all my faults (for
not reading the instructions well enough).

The only thing I haven't gotten to work is sisfb console. (I used vesafb
upto this week in some high res 132x60 I think). When trying sisfb on
the console I get more 'bleeding' LCD's... but not in X.
So for the moment I use normal VGA console and sisfb in X :)

The Xv acceleration is great, although 3d stuff (mostly
tuxracer/cromium) is still very slow (glxgears gets 120 fps)

This is on a P3-1Ghz

Thanks for the updated drivers, and keep up the good work. I hope your
patches also make it in the debian Xfree packages so I don't have to
patch them again :)

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