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tracking spam (was: Re: SOME ITEMS THAT YOU MAY BE etc...)

* David Bishop <tech@bishop.dhs.org> spake thus:
> This reminds me, has anyone implemented a mail filter that will trash 
> anything with all caps in the subject?  If so, what's the false positive 
> rate?  I can't remember the last "legit" email I got with all caps, but I 
> don't really want to take the step of just filtering it all without 
> reassurance :-)
> Of course, I just realized that anyone with that filter in place wouldn't be 
> receiving this mail B-)

A small spelling error in my procmail recipe to filter out such mails
made this message appear at my end. It is now fixed, and it looks
something like this:

# If the message has no subject, or it consists entirely of spaces/tabs,
# it's most likely spam; otherwise extract the subject but dump any
# occurrence of Re:/fwd:/SV: in the beginning of the subject and send it
# to the second part of this recipe which will check whether the
# extracted part contain any lower-case characters. 
# Thanks to David W. Tamkin for this technique.
* ! ^Subject:[   ]*((re:|fwd:|fw:|sv:) ?)+\/.+
* ! ^Subject:\/.+

# if the subject exists but does not contain any lower case characters
# at all, then the message is surely spam.
:0 ED
* ! MATCH ?? [a-z]

I have lately spent some time developing a quite intelligent spam-
tracking implementation entirely in procmail that is based on
scoring and currently cathes almost all of my spam without the use of a
blacklist (although creating both white- and blacklists are easily done
without hand-editing any files; simply send a mail to yourself) and with
very few false hits. It is highly configurable via setting variables on
the top of the file, and it adds a header to the mail with the reasons
behind its spam-marking. I will be posting it here when I am a little
more confident that it works correctly... (unless there is a mass
protest against me doing so that is...)

PS: the filter also intercepts follow-ups to the original spam mail
    (including this one), since these tend to be more annoying and
    numerous than the original spam at mailing lists like this one...


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